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Are you serious?
Yes. At least about flying.
Private aviation in Russia is in its early stages. But opportunities to fly in light planes have increased dramatically the last few years.

For those adventurous enough to try, it is possible to fly in this beautiful country and have an amazing experience doing so.
What we do
You can Fly in Russia - we can help.
We facilitate flight and flying tours for travelers and pilots wishing to experience what it means to fly in Russia.

Fly as a left seat pilot or a passenger. However you'd like to experience flight in Russia we work to make it happen.

Four place Russian amphibian

We’ve acquired a new, Russian built amphibian that our guests can test fly or take on a northern lakes tour. It’s called the L-4 and is built by a Russian company Chaika (Seagull) based in the Volga River region in Russia. It is a four seat amphibious aircraft powered by two Rotax 912 engines. This particular design was adapted from a 6 seat version that the company initially developed. The book specs on the aircraft are 650kg (1400 lb) useful load with a 200km/h (125 mph) cruise and 1500km (930 miles) range. Here’s a link to Chaika’s English language page. The following pictures are from Chaika’s website with the exception of the first which was taken at our field outside St. Petersburg.

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